AirBear: Fun Free Breastfeeding Tracker


One strong memory from my earliest days of breastfeeding was tracking all my nursing. I tried a bunch of apps until I settled on one that worked for me, but none of them were really great. I'm still nursing (26 months and counting!!) but it's been a long time since I kept tracked feedings. Still, when I heard about new feeding tracker AirBear I had to give it a whirl.

San Francisco dad Jon Hegranes created AirBear after his wife Pei gave birth to their first daughter, eight-month old Harper. 

"We used apps for a lot of different things throughout the pregnancy and after we were looking for apps to tell us how we were doing," Jon told me. "I couldn't find something to let us know if we were doing a good job, so that was the inspiration, to let us create something that would be fun, easy and beautiful."

As soon as I downloaded it I knew immediately that it was different from all the previous breast-feeding apps I'd used before. It was colorful, easy to set up and surprisingly encouraging. After I finished my first nursing session a message popped that said 'lactation station is ready for vacation!' I certainly don't remember seeing anything like that before and I love the encouragement and humor. So much about breast-feeding can be hard, I'm really excited to see a service that encourages parents through the experience.


The next update of the app will include tracking for bottle feedings, deeper feeding history and more. If you have any suggestions or feedback feel free to email Jon at

MAMA SAYS: AirBear handles the serious work of keeping track of breastfeeding with a lighthearted touch. I so wish it was around when I was obsessively tracking nursing sessions in our early days! Download it today