Great Slices and Deals at Goat Hill Pizza In Potrero


Every Monday crowds gather in Potrero Hill to take advantage of one of the great deals in San Francisco dining: all-you-can-eat pizza and salad at Goat Hill Pizza. After an earlier failed attempt to take advantage of this incredible deal a few months ago we tried again and scored a great table with no wait, and of course more pizza than we could handle.

Goat Hill is legendary already for their sourdough crust—the first time I had it last year (late, I know) I immediately loved it. How had I missed such an incredible combination of two of my favorite things: sourdough bread and pizza! I told Jole about it but it fell off our radar until we moved closer to the Potrero location (there are three in town) and my memory was sparked. Even without the deal this place is super popular, so with such a great special the wait can get extra long. We try to avoid long waits whenever possible so we moved on the first time and had a great backup meal in the Mission, but getting to Goat Hill was high on our list.  We tried again and arrived around 6pm on a recent Monday night to find we'd beaten the crowd. 

The staff has it down to a science: the salad bar is self-serve and fully stocked with traditional toppings and dressings so you have no excuse to skip veggies with your dinner. The pizza is served in slices that are half of regular size. As a result, you can eat a ton of them and not feel guilty about it (or at least we did). Servers stroll the dining room with whatever is hot from the oven: we had pineapple-garlic, pepperoni-mushroom-red onion, spinach-feta-red onion, and pesto-black olive-garlic-onion to name a few. And we passed up slices of four or five other pies. If your favorite isn't showing up feel free to ask if they'll make one. We wanted a few slices of plain pepperoni and a short while later it appeared!

Our waiter immediately brought over a kids cup of water for Mia and she was thoroughly entertained while coloring her placemat with the markers already on the table. High chairs abound and parking options for strollers are plentiful so families with kids can relax while they eat. The space is full of locally created art, and the bathrooms have awesome pieces from Goat Hill's youngest fans decorating the walls (like this guy below sporting pizza collars. Love it!)

I'm so glad we went early the second time, because on our way out around 7pm the wait was already growing. It's definitely the best option to avoid the wait. Or you can always order pizza to go any day of the week and skip the crowds altogether! 

VERDICT: Goat Hill Pizza is always a win—its been around since 1975 for good reason! At $12.99 per adult on Mondays, the all-you-can-eat nights are a great value to boot. Even at regular prices, Goat Hill serves some of the best and most unique pizza in the city.


Goat Hill Pizza

300 Connecticut St
San Francisco, CA 

Stroller Friendly? Yes
High Chairs? Yes
Changing Tables? Yes
Takes Reservations? No