Farmerbrown: Fried Goodness and Fun in the Tenderloin

Unlike the insanity that eating out on Mother's Day can be, restaurants on Father's Day are just much more manageable. Last year we traveled for Father's Day so I was really excited to have my dad come up to celebrate with us at home this year. I had no intention of cooking for my hubby and dad, mostly because I was really excited to finally have a good excuse to visit Farmerbrown in the Tenderloin for Sunday brunch.

I've been to Farmerbrown plenty of times for dinner, and I'm always happy after the meal. The place has a high energy that grabs you when you walk inβ€”sometimes they show old movies on an overhead screen in the middle of the restaurant, and the music is always a little bit loud and soulful. They also accommodate little ones, so I knew we'd have a good time. 

As expected on a holiday the place was packed, but our wait was short thanks to reservations. On this day, live jazz greeted us and a serious buffet awaited our hungry bellies, so we dug right in. One of Farmerbrown's specialties is their fried chicken, and for the Sunday brunch buffet its served with super light waffles (they go fast but the kitchen is constantly cranking them out, so be patient and don't miss them)!

My favorite is their catfish, which is also on the buffet. Even though its fried it's never greasy, and the pieces are small enough you can grab one and some chicken without getting too full. The buffet is filled out cheesy grits, biscuits, a fresh fruit salad, tons of green veggies, and a few sweet bites of brownies, cupcakes and other mini treats. And of course you can go back as often as you want.

Since we were on the buffet we didn't have a lot of interaction with our waitress, but she was quick to find us an open high chair in a restaurant full of babies, on a busy day, and our drinks were quickly refilled. 


VERDICT: When I have folks in town there are a few places that jump out for a great meal in a fun setting, and Farmerbrown is always on that list for brunch, lunch or dinner. For all of my friends and all of their unique eating habits, everyone comes away full and, most importantly, happy!



25 Mason St (@ Market)
San Francisco, CA

Stroller Friendly? Yes
Takes Reservations? Yes
High Chairs? Yes
Changing Tables? No, but there is a large counter in each bathroom