Baby Blues: Stroller Friendly BBQ In The Mission

My first visit to Baby Blues BBQ felt like finding a cool breeze on a hot, sweaty day. We arrived almost 30 minutes late for lunch, slightly cranky and unnerved after a cramped ride on a long delayed MUNI bus. Nap time was a bust, and mama and baby were discombobulated. Thank God for a good friend, a waiting high chair and a fast plate of BBQ to bring us back to life!

Baby Blues in the Mission is not fancy. Which is perfect! Rustic is probably the best word to describe the wood floors, tables, self-serve silverware, plenty of napkins, and hearty portions of grilled meats. Mia and I shared the "Easy Rider", a combo platter of pulled pork and brisket with a side of coleslaw and a healthy chunk of cornbread. 

I loved the pulled pork and while I was so-so on the brisket Jole loved it on our next visit. And the coleslaw was an excellent counterpoint to the slight sourness of the pork, as it wasn't too sweet or dripping with dressing. I kind of forgot to share it with the baby (oops)! Our lunch date Leslie had the "Crossroads" platter with chicken and brisket. She knew Baby Blues from their original location in Venice Beach and testified to how consistently good the food has been over the years. She also loves their okra and tomato mash, which was super tangy and fresh. The rest of the sides, which are often a weak spot at most BBQ joints, were spot on. But we eat BBQ for the meat, right?

I added a side of pork and beans for Mia which was totally unnecessary given the size of our meal, but I'm glad I got to taste them because it was by far the most adult pork and bean dish I’d ever tried. No hunks of hotdogs and sugary sauce here—instead think warm three bean salad with pulled pork on top. That alone would make a great meal (perhaps with a side of cornbread).    

And I'm leaving out the best part, at least where parents are concerned—THEY HAVE A KIDS CORNER! The owner created it after his daughter was born and its fully stocked with books and toys. Mia was completely sucked in. I felt bad when we had to leave because she was having so much fun, so when we went back a few weeks later for dinner we sat right next to it and Mia played, took a break to eat, and went back to the fun.

VERDICT: Baby Blues BBQ is first-rate BBQ in the Mission, in a totally relaxed and family friendly setting. Definitely bring the kids and get your grub on!


Baby Blues BBQ

3149 Mission St.
San Francisco, CA 

Stroller Friendly? Yes
High Chairs? Yes
Changing Tables? Yes
Takes Reservations? Yes for parties of 10 or more