UPDATED!! MG Review & Giveaway!! líllébaby Complete Baby Carrier

Happy 4th of July to you all and super special thanks to everyone who entered the líllébaby COMPLETE carrier giveaway. The winner is Jazmin M.! 


I went to MommyConSF this year with plans to have fun and only one real goal: to find a new carrier for Jole and I to share that would allow us to carry Mia in several positions. Although we have an Ergo we both like, I wanted something that would let me move her into a forward-facing position or carry her on my back as I'd seen so many other parents doing! Luckily I found the líllébaby booth and fell in love with their six-way carrier. After testing it out on the sample doll in the booth (Mia was sick that day so she stayed home) I was sold and pre-ordered their newest model that day.


We've lived with our líllébaby® COMPLETE™ All Seasons carrier for almost a month now and we couldn't be happier with it. Our first major test was at Bottle Rock Napa Valley, where we spent all day walking around the Napa Valley Fairgrounds listening to amazing music. Mia spent several hours in the carrier in various positions and both parents and baby were comfy and relaxed. 

We didn't have a lot of time to test the carrier before the show so I wore it around the house and tried taking it on and off several times, especially for the backpack position. We took advantage of YouTube to see what líllébaby recommends and how other parents do it. If you're an experienced babywearer you may know how it all works, but it took a few tries and four hands for us to get it right. The carrier itself is quite forgiving—thanks to the long straps you can get it loose enough to move your baby from front to back or side, but still have them attached, and easily tighten them up once they're in position. 

I'm also a big fan of their color schemes. I really wanted a carrier that wasn't black, but I didn't want anything really bright or heavily patterned. The color stone was perfect for me, but there are a wide range of colors to suit every taste. 

And last but definitely not least, there's comfort. With a baby hanging onto you finding a way to stay comfortable is key, and I feel like many carriers focus on the child's comfort (for good reason) but neglect that of the parents. That said, the padding in the straps of the líllébaby really make the difference for me in how long I can wear it without feeling worn out or experiencing shoulder pain. It's quite comfy!

Favorite Features

Be sure to check out the líllébaby site for all of the specifics on their carriers, since they each have their own pluses. I like a lot of things about this one:

  • One of the first things I noticed is the lumbar support that attaches to the waist strap—what a brilliant idea! My husband has occasional low back pain, so I knew that would be really nice to have and it definitely makes a difference.
  • The fabric is so soft. It feels very sturdy yet broken-in from the first wearing.
  • Another awesome plus is the zippered center panel that allows for more airflow. Babywearing can get hot for parent and baby so having that mesh panel is handy for keeping things cool.

The líllébaby has turned into a toy (like everything else in our house). It lives in a cubby hole near the front door and I have found Mia playing with the straps and buckles more than once, so I take that as a good sign. That and the fact that she doesn't run away when she sees us putting it on!

I am adjusting to the size of the carrier, because it is on the bulky side thanks to all the padding in the straps. I can't stash it in my diaper bag, so when we are out and about I usually just wear it when Mia's not in it. 

Jole described his experiences wearing it as "surprisingly pleasant!" He actually opted to walk home while wearing Mia one afternoon rather than driving back with me because he was enjoying having her so close and not feeling any issues with his back. He's definitely a converted babywearer!

 Here's the carrier with the hood up and the center panel unzipped. It can be rolled up nicely and snapped, but we just let it hang this time. 

Here's the carrier with the hood up and the center panel unzipped. It can be rolled up nicely and snapped, but we just let it hang this time. 


The kind folks at líllébaby are offering Mama's Guide readers a shot at winning one of their wonderful carriers: the COMPLETE Designer Kimono in Taupe, valued at $130. Details on how to enter are below! The entry period ends Thursday July 3, and the winner will be notified on July 4th. Thanks for entering and good luck!


Note: This giveaway is sponsored by líllébaby®. The review is for an item purchased with my own funds.