April is Child-Led Weaning Month

Along with April Fool's Day and Tax Day, April is also Child-Led Weaning Awareness Month. Did you know that? I had no idea until someone at last weekend's MommyCon here in San Francisco mentioned it on a panel. What an amazing concept! We used baby-led weaning to get M. started on solids when the time was right for her, and child-led weaning takes that concept even further by allowing children to dictate when the time is right for them to stop breastfeeding. 

Parenting-blog extraordinaire I Am Not The Babysitter is celebrating this month with stories from parents who are letting their children lead the way to weaning, and my story was featured today. Although my daughter isn't as old as some of the others, I felt it was important to share that at every stage there are challenges and triumphs with breastfeeding, and adjustment are sometimes needed to keep your sanity if you want to keep nursing. I hope you'll take a moment to read the story and share your thoughts and experience with weaning!