Cathead's BBQ Pleases With Pulled Pork


We like BBQ. As I noted in my review of HiLo BBQ (which will be closing this spring, so give it a whirl if you haven't yet) it's a food my family has always loved and that continues in my own household. After a running a bunch of errands on the first sunny day in a (including tax prep-blech) we needed some fun food to mark the good weather, and a quick Yelp search led us to Cathead's BBQ in SOMA.

Thanks to the bright red building and huge Cathead painted on the side we had no trouble spotting it and pulled right into their parking lot (score!) on a relatively empty afternoon.

No line meant we could take our time deciding what to order and honestly it all sounded good. Hubby and I both settled on the brisket, so I elected to change my order to the pulled pork so we could each try something different. Brilliant! 


The pulled pork is absolutely the way to go-the brisket is tender, but it isn't nearly as flavorful as the pork, which is also a huge portion. Alternately tangy and sweet, I totally get why this is their most popular item (according to our order-taker). Its so good we almost considered getting more for dinner that night once we realized we were not going to have any leftovers!

Platters come on a tin pie plate (LOVE) and are served with a mini biscuit, so small its just a tease, and your choice of sides, which are massive. We opted for the bbq baked beans and the dandelion green potato salad, and loved them both, as did my little babe as she alternated between sitting in our arms and her stroller, since Cathead's doesn't have high chairs. It's pretty bare bones overall in terms of decor. Seating is three picnic style tables--perfect for rolling a stroller up--as well as stools along a counter in back, and a few high tables and stools up front. 

But no one is here for the scenery--its all about the pulled pork! 


Cathead's BBQ

1665 Folsom Street
San Francisco, CA

Stroller Friendly? Yes
High Chairs? No
Changing Tables? No
Reservations? No