How to: Get Your Baby A Greeting From The White House!

UPDATED 8/6/17

The information below is still accurate if you would like a greeting from the current resident of the White House. However, if you'd like to get one from former President Obama and Michelle, its still possible! Simply swing by their website and fill out the greetings form! 

The White House is a really cool place--its basically the closest thing we in the States have to a royal palace, and getting a shoutout from the current President of the United States is an awesome way to welcome your little one to the world! It used to be common knowledge of how to get a greeting from the White House, but anthrax scares and terrorism in general has made it a touch more difficult. But I tracked it down and am here to help you get your own welcome from the President!

There is a social office for the President and First Lady where you can send your request. They get all sorts of announcements and invitations to things (obviously) so there is a special place to deal with them all, including the news of your little baby's arrival! I actually did this the first time a few years ago when I finished graduate school at Georgetown University. I was so excited I sent a graduation announcement to Mrs. Obama, and I got a really wonderful letter back that I wasn't expecting AT ALL. I love it so much I stuck it in the back of my diploma frame! When I got pregnant I realized I could probably do the same with my birth announcement.

I've heard of people submitting a request through their Congressman or Senator, but I believe in going to the source whenever possible, so here's what I did-just add the following address to your list of birth announcements:

The White House
Attn: Greetings Office
Washington, D.C. 20502-0039

Since the announcement has all the relevant details (baby and parents names, and date of birth) add a note with your return address contact information and a phone number just in case. In a few weeks one of these will be in your mailbox! The greeting comes addressed to your babe and on official White House stationery, and is a beautiful addition to your baby book!


Our letter arrived in about a month, and I completely forgot it was coming so seeing it in the mailbox was a thrill!