Auntie April's: Rise & Shine For Chicken & Waffles

Breakfast can be a good choice when you want to eat out with kids. I've noticed my daughter is in good spirits and pretty calm earlier in the day, Daddy and I are fresh and rested, and there's coffee involved to keep the grownups going. But breakfast needs to be extra special to get us all out of the house first thing on a weekend. If your family is anything like mine, I suggest you round up the family and head to Auntie April's soon for a great reason get out of bed.

We arrived after 9 am on a Saturday and mostly had the place to ourselves (by the time we left it was packed, so clearly we were the early birds for once). I spent a ton of time pondering the menu, but let's be honestβ€”Auntie April's is a classic soul food restaurant and known for their fried chicken, so I should have just made it easy on myself from the start! Jole and I ordered chicken and waffles (he had the cinnamon, I had the buckwheat), oatmeal for Mia, and a side of smothered potatoes. Because I cannot resist smothered potatoes.

Since the chicken is fried to order we had a small wait, which was just enough time for Mia to pretend to read the paper and for us to explore the dining room. As more customers arrived I could tell it was a mix of regulars and first timers, and I think just about everyone else went for the chicken too! Mia loved the steady flow of activity and she made friends with April since she was at our table frequently to make sure our coffees were full (in case you can't tell, we LOVE coffee), or to deliver extra napkins and utensils before we could even ask for them. 

When the food came Jole instantly started to guess gave the chicken it's great flavor (he has a serious thing for spices and even makes his own rubs). I was too busy eating and feeding Mia to focus on much beyond how wonderfully crispy it was. After grabbing a bite of his waffle, I declared mine the winner. The cinnamon was good, but the texture of the buckwheat was the right softness to pair with the crunch of the chicken. 

Since we are still dealing with Mia's dairy allergy, once I knew the oatmeal was milk-free I let her have at it, and even that was lightly seasoned and a huge portion. We had tons of food, plenty for the three of us to share. And the room was relaxed enough that after we finished eating we took a minute to grab a seat by the window to watch the cars going by, one of Mia's new favorite pastimes. And I was super excited to see a full-sized changing table in the bathroom! 

 Photo courtesy @Alissalily on Twitter

Photo courtesy @Alissalily on Twitter


Auntie April's

4618 3rd St b/t Newcomb Ave & McKinnon Ave
San Francisco, CA

Stroller Friendly? Yes
High Chairs? Yes
Changing Tables? Yes
Takes Reservations? No