Limon Rotisserie: Winning Chicken With Room to Spare

When I lived in Washington D.C. the Peruvian chicken restaurant was everything. A small local chain, El Pollo Rico, had a couple of locations that served awesomely seasoned rotisserie chicken (aka pollo al a brasa), french fries and cole slaw. That's it. The lines were long, prices were cheap, and the chicken was consistently good, seasoned with lots of salt, pepper and cumin. There were many times when the chicken did not make it home because my friends and I tore into in the car. It was perfect food before (or after) a night of drinking.

When I moved to San Francisco it took a while to find a replacement for El Pollo Rico, until other D.C. transplants to the Bay Area invited us to Limon on South Van Ness in the Mission. It was definitely the closest thing we could find to El Pollo Rico here, combined with a wider range of sides AND cocktails. We were sold. 

After M. arrived though, I was pretty sure Limon was out for us permanently. The Mission location is definitely not stroller friendly. Luckily Limon's empire has expanded and now includes a spacious location in Bayview. On a recent afternoon we headed south in search of lunch, and a quick search revealed this new location, which I'd forgotten was coming. A few minutes later we were in their parking lot (score!), mouths watering. 

Once inside we had our pick of tables all with room for a stroller or high chair. While I strapped M. in Hubby ordered, and the food was there almost instantly. Because they cool the chickens via rotisserie they're pretty much always ready, with sides on deck as well.  

We selected the whole chicken (leftovers are a must), and sides of yucca fries and rice. The chicken also comes with three sauces-a chimichurri, and two other aji options. As a sauce fan I just drizzled them all over everything and dove in.

It's such a treat when something is as good as you remember, and Limon came in just as tasty this time as in the past. The chicken was juicy and flavorful without being overly spicy or salty-I felt fine letting M. nibble on a few pieces. The rice was fluffy and the fries were thick and crispy. It was heavenly. I didn't say a word for about three minutes, and looked over to find Hubby was just as pleased as I was. To score some brownie points I left him have the leftovers :) 


Limon Rotisserie

5800 3rd St

Stroller Friendly? Yes

High Chairs? Yes

Changing Tables? Yes

Takes Reservations? Yes, via Open Table