Babies vs. Grumpies In Airline Wars

Apparently some flyers hate being 30,000 feet in the air and are willing to pay for child free seats, according to the New York Times 

Singapore Airlines’ new ScootinSilence class (or what we might call the Snarlers’ Section), which aims to accommodate people who can’t tolerate even the possibility of being seated near the chaos of youth. The “upgrade,” now available on the airline’s budget carrier, Scoot Airlines, guarantees passengers cabin mates over the age of 12 for a mere $14. Located just behind the business section, it offers 41 seats, in rows 21 to 25, featuring a 35-inch seat pitch — four more inches than coach seats — so grumpy grown-ups can lean back and enjoy their flight child free.
— New York Times "A New Airline Class for the Child-Intolerant"

Meanwhile, other airlines are getting hip to the idea that traveling is stressful for everyone, and parents might also be willing to pay for some extra help in the air, reports  

Etihad now has plans to train 500 of the airline’s cabin crew as childcare specialists to act as “onboard nannies” for long-haul flights.

The Flying Nannies will be on hand to keep kiddies entertained throughout a long flight by serving meals earlier to ease into nap time, and filling milk bottles and offering snacks for the next leg of transiting passengers.
— "Airlines Get Hip to Family-friendly Flying with Onboard Nannies and Lactation Stations"