MG Review: Wise Sons Jewish Deli

Let's address this right up front: Wise Sons the restaurant is tiny. You don't want to be the one hauling your stroller up in there trying to find a spot for your baby and your gear. So why am I even reviewing it? Two reasons--first, the food is amazing. Huge flavors are coming out of that tiny kitchen you deserve to try. And second, they have outdoor seating, and in the often-sunny Mission, that is a win-win for you and your stroller-bound little ones.  

 Wise Sons Jewish Deli Menu

Wise Sons Jewish Deli Menu

Now that we've gotten that out of the way, wow is this place delicious! I love a good deli (who doesn't) and Wise Sons nails it. It took me forever to decide what to order because I love a good sandwich and their options are stellar, from the egg salad to the patty melt, both coming with high recommendations. But I opted for breakfast and the salami and eggs did not disappoint. The salami is all beef and house-made, the eggs were incredibly fresh, and the rye toast was the perfect crunchy addition. The portions are also big enough that I was able to nibble from my friend's plates--the vegetable hash and challah french toast are more winners.  We also had a noodle kugel, which was a great compliment to the saltiness of my salami.

If you're bringing a baby its a good idea to have another pair of hands to help out. Water and coffee are self-serve inside, and again this place is not roomy so I suggest waiting outside with the stroller while your dining companion orders. There is a menu posted on the door so you can decide what you want without going inside. There is often a healthy line, but it moves fast, and if you don't feel like waiting you can call ahead for pickup!

Wise Sons also has two other locations, both downtown--one in the Ferry Building and one at the Contemporary Jewish Museum. If you visit the Mission location, I suggest saving some room for dessert and heading a few blocks over for ice cream at Humprhy-Slocombe. 

Wise Sons Jewish


3150 24th St (at Shotwell)

San Francisco CA 

Stroller Friendly? Yes outside

Reservations? No

Changing Table? No