Pork Store Packs Big Taste In Small Space

A few weeks after my daughter was born I needed to get out of the house and eat something other than my daily oatmeal (its good for milk supply :) ). We'd only dined out once with M. but I was adamant, so I strapped her into the Ergo and we headed to the Pork Store on Haight Street. It was just what I needed then, and our most recent return made me realize we should have been back months ago!

Consistently delicious and flavorful, Pork Store is not the place to come for a light breakfast, but its a great start for a day of strolling the Haight and Golden Gate Park (or going back home to put a baby down for a nap). Here the standouts are the carbs--big fluffy biscuits, and their hash browns. Peek at the griddle and you'll see a ton of shredded potatoes browning and crisping away, waiting for you to order them. Get some, you won't be disappointed. The egg dishes are also are huge and stuffed with your toppings of choice; if you're starving this is more than enough, but they are also big enough for sharing. 

Of course the meats here are tasty, but I always order the veggie sausage. Its so good and makes me feel just a tad bit better about the rest of my fattening breakfast. Honestly my biggest issue is always deciding do I want to go sweet or savory, and I've never been disappointed in either direction!

If you find yourself waiting in line, rest assured it moves faster than a lot of other breakfast/brunch lines in town, thanks to the counter space in addition to the tables. The wait staff will pop their heads out as soon as seats open up to seat any party that will fit, so be patient. Pork Store is a small space, but the staff (who are all wonderfully sweet) is more than willing to accommodate little ones in strollers and high chairs. There is also a second larger location in the Mission, but I prefer the original location on Haight. 


Pork Store Cafe

1451 Haight St (At Ashbury)

Stroller Friendly? Somewhat

High Chairs? Yes

Changing Tables? No