MG Review: eBay Now

After extolling my love for Google Shopping Express in a recent review I couldn't wait to give eBay Now a try. I knew there'd be a chance soon enough, and a last-roll-of-toilet-paper emergency was just the opportunity I needed to give it a whirl. I'd heard on Twitter the service was free through Dec 24th, so I wanted to test it against how long it would take me to go to the store and get what I needed myself. With a baby in tow, eBay Now wins hands down. 

I visited the site and downloaded the app (iPhone and Android are available) and quickly realized this is aiming to be more than just a solution for basic errands-eBay Now wants to replace all kinds of shopping trips. Need a Burberry scarf from Bloomingdales? Check. A gallon of paint from Home Depot? New insoles from Finish Line? It's all here. The selection of stores and items they each offer is impressive. I filled my cart with staples and found myself still clicking around 10 minutes later ogling all sorts of things I didn't need at all. I seriously almost ordered a pair of super cute Chuck Taylors even though I've never had a pair and don't need them now. Like eBay itself, eBay Now could be dangerous for impulse shoppers. 

I started my order and fell asleep before placing it, rising Sunday with a massive to-do list on my hands. Before starting the laundry I placed my order via the app and got busy with everything else I had to do, so when my phone lit up a short time later that my order was on the way I was shocked. I took their claim of delivery in an hour as a loose guideline that would have tons of stipulations, but it's accurate—my order arrived in under an hour, even faster than their estimated delivery time. In less time than it would take for me to pack myself and my baby up and take BART, Muni or even drive to the store, shop and come home, my items were delivered by a smiling valet with a $10 off coupon for my next purchase. Score! Aside from selection the best part of eBay Now is the speed. 

With the holidays here everyone is feeling stretched for time—eBay Now can definitely help take some of the pressure off. Delivery is available in metro areas nationwide: Chicago, Dallas, Manhattan and Brooklyn, NYC Queens, and the SF Peninsula. A $5 per store delivery fee will apply after the free window ends. But even then, its worth it. Compare $4 on Muni or Bart for a roundtrip, and for a dollar more everything arrives at your door in an hour. Unless you're already out and about, it's a great deal. Oh, and an added bonus is the super cute bag everything arrives in, designed by Richard Chai.