MG Review: Tupelo

From the outside, Tupelo screams bar. On Union Street in North Beach, its tucked in among shops and other drinking establishments that don't give off a stroller friendly vibe. The posters announcing upcoming live performances in the window and the "Soup Of The Day Whiskey" sign don't do much to change anyone's mind and inside isn't much different. The entrance is on the bar side so if you didn't know any better and were out with a stroller you'd either skip it entirely or look in, immediately think, "naw..." and head around the corner to one of the tons of restaurants in the 'hood. But this place is worth sticking around for.

We had some prior history to go on here. Almost two years before, Hubby and I were on a night out in the city when we fell into Tupelo, had a great chat with the owner and enjoyed some truly delicious Southern cuisine. It was perfect then for soaking up some cocktails, but on our most recent trip we just needed sustenance after an infant CPR class at Carmel Blue. It was almost M.'s nap time and we were starving when Hubby randomly recalled "that good Southern place" that was about a block away.

For once I was the hesitant one. It was Sunday, meaning football crowds were out. Would it be too noisy? On top of that I really didn't remember there being anything beyond a few high top tables. Would my baby even be allowed inside? As it turns out she was and she even made some friends before it was all said and done. Once inside and opposite the bar we discovered there were a few low tables, so we settled in and ordered.

I quickly recalled the owner telling us way back that we needed to return for brunch because their chicken and waffles were awesome, and even two years later this is still the case. Seasoned to spicy perfection and cooked to a golden crisp, I had to fight to keep Hubby's knife and fork out of my plate. The waffles were also a nicely crunchy texture, mildly sweet and served with maple syrup. If you're already a c&w fan I think you'll find that these stack up well against others you've had. If you haven't tried them before, this is a good one to start with!

There was plenty of room for our stroller, and our waitress was cutely inquisitive about some of the gear we had attached to it. A bit later the bartender even came over to check out the "tiny human" and gave her a little gift. As for the noise, it wasn't quiet, but the dull roar was enough white noise to keep) M. asleep during our entire meal. She only woke up when we hit the bumpy sidewalks of North Beach outside.

So that was our adventure at Tupelo. I enjoyed it all the way around. I'm not saying my next La Leche League meeting should happen there, but if I find myself in North Beach with a hankering for some fried chicken, I know where to go.



1337 Grant
San Francisco, CA

Stroller Friendly? Yes
Takes Reservations? No
Changing Tables? No
High Chairs? No