MG Review: Andalu

Stroller-dining in the Mission can be a tricky prospect. With so many amazing but small restaurants populating the streets, there is a cuisine to suit just about every parental palette, but many places are more date-night worthy than stroller friendly. Luckily there are many exceptions to be found, including Andalu on the corner of 16th and Guerrero. 

We found ourselves at Andalu for a friend's startup celebratory happy hour (The Spring--an awesome company that lets diners support community projects when they eat out). Even though I'd passed the green neon sign outside a million times I'd never gone in for food or drinks, so I inquired in advance about the setting and was assured that while there is a bar this is indeed a restaurant, and a spacious one at that. I can see it being packed on weekends with the brunch crowd, but on a weeknight we had our pick of tables. After having a quick toast with our friends we grabbed a nearby table, seated M. in one of the restaurant's high chairs and grazed our way through a bunch of delicious small plates. 

Everyone suggested the coca-cola braised ribs and the fried mac and cheese bites, so we ordered those along with the skirt steak and green beans. The food arrived really quickly and the portions were perfect for sharing, although I hoarded all the green beans because they were delicious! The mac and cheese was actually a bit much for us, so we each took a bite and shared the rest with our friends-its a large portion for such a rich dish, perfect for a bigger group. Overall I preferred the ribs and Hubby (who was also celebrating a birthday that night) liked the steak, so we had no trouble claiming our dishes. 

The service was great as well--our waitress handled little M.'s presence like a pro and recommended an awesome surprise dessert with a candle in it for our finale: a fried banana concoction with ice cream and whipped cream that my husband absolutely loved. Score one for a happy family dining experience all around!  

If you've got a craving for some coca-cola ribs and would rather stay in, ordering from Andalu to-go is easy via OrderAhead, which you can use on your phone or desktop--a great idea if you're out running errands in the Mission and want to take some food home with you!



3198 16th St.

San Francisco

Stroller Friendly? Yes

Takes Reservations? No

Changing Table? Yes

High Chairs? Yes