MG Review: Magnolia Gastropub & Brewery

You might be thinking--gastropub? brewery? strollers? How does this work? Trust me, I had the same thought before my first trek to Magnolia with M., but I'm so glad I suspended my preconceptions and stopped in for lunch. Magnolia is an absolute gem of a neighborhood restaurant in Upper Haight, and perfect for stroller-friendly dining (with a little flexibility of course). Pre-baby I'd been multiple times for dinner or their delicious beer with friends, and while I'd seen other folks with little ones there in the past, I still wasn't sure how it would work out. 

Here the trick is definitely an early arrival to get your pick of tables with room for a stroller (or high chair, which they have) or enough patience to wait for a stroller-friendly spot to open up. (There's a newly installed parklet just outside for your waiting pleasure if you don't feel like strolling the streets of the Haight). The restaurant isn't huge and you're cozy with your neighbors while dining most of the time, so keep that in mind if you plan to take little ones.


Even though the place was empty I took a seat at the spot recommended by the host for strollers, just to give it a whirl. I already knew what I wanted--the pub burger. I'd been craving one for the longest time, with a glass of Sarah's Ruby Mild on draft, my go-to beer. I love Magnolia for their consistency, and I was not disappointed. Everything was just as delicious as it had been in past visits. I love that their menu is small and focused with delicious execution every time. I also recommend the Devils on Horseback appetizer, any of the sausages, and their desserts (including the Humphry Slocombe beer ice cream--save room for it). Basically the entire menu is awesome.   

While I was dining (and M. was sleeping) another family with two toddlers peeked in to see if Magnolia was suitable for their group, and the hostess was equally helpful with their group, stashing their stroller and making them feel welcomed. I could see relief on the mom's face as they sat down, and I gave them the thumbs up sign that they'd made a good choice. I hope they enjoyed their meal as much as I did!


Magnolia Gastropub & Brewery

1398 Haight Street

Stroller FriendlyYes

(Early arrival or patience may be required for a comfy fit)

Changing Tables: Yes

Takes Reservations: No